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Affordable Yacht Pre-Purchase Survey

Investing in a new yacht – whether you’re selling on in the future or you’re buying it for pleasure – will prompt a number of questions. To answer almost any of those, it’s important that you choose to get a pre-purchase survey that will diagnose any problems and highlight any issues with your potential buy.

To get an affordable yacht pre-purchase survey in the South of England, choose Anchor House Marine Surveys where you can be certain of a professional service. Cost-effectiveness is measured in how much you gleam from the money you spend on it, and this yacht survey will beat your expectations.

Ensuring you understand everything about your yacht before you buy it

It’s easy to see an advert online or in a magazine and think it’s a great deal. The description may not mention everything because it won’t necessarily be a cosmetic or engine fault. By calling upon Anchor House Marine Surveys you’ll get a complete assessment of everything from gas installations and electrical equipment to fuel installations and fire-fighting equipment.

The comprehensive and affordable yacht pre-purchase offered by Anchor House Marine Surveys will leave you in no doubt as to whether you’re making a worthwhile investment or not.

To discover how much you’ll be charged for this affordable service, get in contact today.

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