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Marine Pre-Purchase Survey On The South Coast

The marine world is an exciting and ever-changing space which can offer you a different freedom like no other medium of transport. When it comes to buying a used marine vessel, you’ll have a number of worries and concerns. Will the engine work to its potential? Has it got any underlying damage which hasn’t been noted? Am I getting the right price for it?

The only way to find out the answers to any of these questions is to allow a professional to perform a marine pre-purchase survey. If your boat, yacht or marine vessel is on the South Coast you can do no better than choosing Anchor House Marine Surveys. As an experienced surveyor, you can be confident that you will be getting relevant and accurate results to base your purchase upon.

A marine pre-purchase survey on the South Coast that covers all areas

By choosing Anchor House Marine Surveys you can be confident that your purchase has been expertly checked inside and out. The list of details which are covered include the hull’s coating condition, steering gear, mooring systems, fuel installation, fire fighting equipment and much more.

After this survey, you’ll be able to approach your purchase of a used vessel with confidence. To book your prospective marine vessel in for our pre-purchase survey, get in contact today.

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