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Secure A Professional, Independent Yacht Insurance Survey

Your insurer will want to ensure that they are willing to pay out for a yacht that is competent and has everything in working order. They will have to cut this if it turns out that your yacht is damaged, is in need of repair or not compliant with current regulations. Your insurer will, therefore, ask you to get a yacht insurance survey from an independent service that can offer you a complete and thorough survey to show to your insurer before securing the right deal.

If you are looking to invest in a yacht insurance survey and are unsure who to choose, why not see what Anchor House Marine Surveys can provide for you. As a service based on the South Coast of England, you can secure a detailed survey that covers everything your insurer needs to tick every box.

Checking if your yacht falls within your current insurance policy

Anchor House Marine Surveys are on hand to offer you an independent and unbiased review of your whole yacht to see whether something has changed or whether the results will impact on your insurance. This yacht insurance survey will cover everything from the lifesaving equipment and fire fighting equipment on board through to the moisture content and the hull condition.

To discover more about the yacht insurance surveys available to you at Anchor House Marine Surveys, get in contact today.

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