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Receive A Professional Yacht Damage Survey On The South Coast

Surveying your yacht after a collision or following a breakdown will leave you with plenty of questions. How much will it cost for a repair? Can I sell it now? Is it worth investing in for the future? These questions and more will be answered confidently at Anchor House Marine Surveys where you can receive a professional and succinct yacht damage survey.

Damage can come in many forms on a yacht, impacting on its performance and appearance in equal measures. When you choose to get a yacht damage survey from Anchor House Marine Surveys you will be left with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report which you can use immediately for selling, repairing and upgrading as a result.

What’s involved in a yacht damage survey at Anchor House Marine Surveys?

As a trusted service across the South Coast, you can be certain that your sailing or powered yacht will be checked thoroughly for damage. Everything from the structural integrity, the paintwork, the engine capabilities and more will be checked, verified and noted by an experienced professional surveyor.

Once you’ve got the report in your hand, you will be able to make an informed decision about your yacht and what you’re going to do next. Recommendations will be made to give you a fully-rounded service.

Book a yacht damage survey today.

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