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Trust Anchor House’s Professional Yacht Insurance Surveys

Insurance is an extremely confusing aspect of any purchase to organise. We’ll often put it to the back of our minds until it’s an immediate requirement. From home and cars to travel and contents, insurance will demand forms and details to be filled out. If you own a yacht and want to get an accurate inspection sorted for your latest insurance deal or renewal, make sure you choose Anchor House Marine Surveys.


Providing yacht insurance surveys across the South Coast while based in Southampton, this service will help you secure the best price for your insurance deal. When you finally get your insurance sorted, you can rest assured that every nook and cranny has been inspected and mitigated against during the yacht survey.

What does a yacht insurance survey involve?

Whether you’ve been asked by your insurer to have a survey to assess the damage and condition of your yacht or you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your yacht insurance, choosing Anchor House Marine Surveys is ideal. Your yacht will be thoroughly assessed for damage across the board from the internal structure and steering gear to the gas installation and life saving equipment.

For a detailed, thorough and professional yacht insurance survey, make sure to get in contact today.

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