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Where To Find Professional Pre-Purchase Yacht Inspections

Deliberating your purchase, shifting your savings over and getting the paperwork sorted. You can easily get swept along by an advertisement made for a yacht which can trap you in a tricky situation. Add another step to the process by trusting in Anchor House Marine Survey’s pre-purchase yacht inspections for your prospective investment.

While there may be many things right about the advert – the price, the size, the age and the features – there can be underlying problems that aren’t highlighted or are left to the foreground. When you choose to work with Anchor House Marine Surveys you’ll get a thorough pre-purchase yacht inspection.

A Vast Array of Services for your Specific Situation

Working across the South Coast and the Solent, Anchor House Marine Surveys don’t solely provide pre-purchase yacht inspections. You can entrust them to provide professional sea trials, full condition surveys, insurance surveys, structural surveys and limited outer bottom surveys. The result will be a detailed inspection of the motor or sail yacht that you own or you’re looking to purchase.

If you want the best information before you make your investment for your dream yacht, make sure you choose Anchor House Marine Surveys. To book your first pre-purchase yacht inspection from a professional, make sure to get in contact today.

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