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Secure A Professional Boat Pre-Purchase Survey

Glancing at your savings. Looking back at a boat you have seen in an advertisement. Looks back and forth will ensue but one thing will remain as a seed of doubt in your mind: How do I know this boat isn’t faulty? There is no way of truly knowing the extent of damage or small indiscretions that can play a huge role in the longevity and insurance of the boat with seeking help from an expert.

That’s why Anchor House Marine Surveys are called upon to provide professional boat pre-purchases surveys that will diagnose, assess, record and report on everything that you need to know. Following a survey, you will be able to confidently spend your money or decide that it is not worth it - but doing this prior to purchase is integral.

The contents of a boat pre-purchase survey from Anchor House Marine Surveys

Rather than merely inspecting if the boat can ride on the water, the assessments from Anchor House Marine Surveys will combine a wide variety of factors that can impact the amount you are charged by insurers and how long the boat lasts.

Whether you choose an insurance survey or full inspection survey, you can be assured that your potential new boat will be assessed for everything from fuel installation, bilge pumping, internal structures, life-saving equipment, stern and steering gear on top of many more.

To discover more about boat pre-purchase surveys on the South Coast, speak with Anchor House Marine Surveys today.

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