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Large Yachts and Classic Yachts


Large Yachts

Once yachts reach 50ft - both motor and sailing - they become much more complex and therefore surveys will require more than a day to ensure a thorough job is done. In many cases, specialists will be required to inspect particular areas such as the machinery for motor yachts and the mast and rigging installation system for sailing yachts. We have good relationships with some very competent specialists in these fields and so we can arrange for these where required.

Whilst still following the 'pre-purchase survey template, each large yacht is unique so fees will be dependent on its size and specification. Therefore, please contact us for full details and we will be happy to produce a quote.

Full condition survey - large yacht

Classic Yachts

The term 'classic yacht' refers to a wide variety of yacht types including wood, GRP and steel yachts from the turn of the 20th century, through the golden age of yachting and up to the 1970s with its chic motoryacht designs. In the case of wooden and steel yachts, because of the way they are constructed, the structural inspection is the most important part of the survey and will naturally take longer than a GRP yacht to undertake.

As in the case for large yachts, the machinery and rigging installations may require an inspection by independent specialists, but this will also depend on the yacht's size and specification.

Again and following the pre-purchase survey template, the fee will vary depending on the yacht's size and specification and also in some cases, the age of the yacht.

Full condition survey - classic wooden yacht
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